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The Suzi Unsigned Project!

Help Suzi record new EP and release first Official music video!

Donate securely via PayPal

I need your help!... Kickstarter campagin style!

I've been in Nashville a few years now writing songs, and it's my absolute dream to release an album of my new material! Being that I don't have a label to fund my project, I'm humbly coming to ask for your help & support! As any start up business would, it takes funding for the costs of developing a product. In my case: music! I can't wait to bring these songs to life! If we can get this new music launched, it will bring me one step closer to getting out on the road to perform for all of your smiling faces! :)

Even just $1 contribution would be SO greatly appreciated, and help me towards my goal of releasing a new project! We can make a big impact even with small, meaningful donations!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

xoxo ~Suzi O


(U.S. friends - Shipping + Handling included)

(International friends - Please add $5 extra for S+H costs!)


less than $5

-A personalized Thank You email! Every dollar counts!

$5 or more

- The first single off the NEW EP sent to you digitally one week before it's available to the public. (HQ/fully mastered version), and a personal email from me to you... Cyber Hugs included :)

$10 or more

- A photo of Suzi holding a personalized Thank you poster with your name! :)

-PLUS rewards from previous package!

$20 or more

-An autographed copy of the NEW EP

-PLUS rewards from previous package!

$50 or more

-2 signed copies of my NEW EP, A personalized-handwritten Suzi O promo card

-PLUS all other rewards in previous packages!

$75 or more

-A personalized signed NEW Suzi O 11x17 poster

-PLUS all other rewards in previous packages!

$100 or more

-A 10 minute SKYPE SESSION with Suzi, including a live performance of one of the new songs off the EP!

-PLUS all other rewards in previous packages.

$300 or more

-Signed, Handwritten lyrics of Suzi's new single, a digital folder of special edition photos straight from Suzi's iPhone camera roll!

-PLUS all other rewards in previous packages!

$500 or more

-I'll learn a cover song of your choice and dedicate it to you on facebook! And 5 signed copies of the new EP!

-PLUS all other rewards in previous packages!

$1,500 or more

-You are amazing and I need to meet you for lunch!! :)

AND WRITE A SONG FOR YOU!! :) We will chat during lunch about a life experience you'd like to see turned into a song, and I'll write a song about it for you, delivered via email as an acoustic guitar/vocal! I'll also bring my guitar for an acoustic performance after lunch! :)

*On an agreeable time & date! :) Travel arrangements are included within a 300 mile radius. 

*If traveling is not an option, we can meet over Skype for unlimited time to plan our song.

-PLUS all other rewards in previous packages!

$3,000 or more

-You are seriously just unbelievable and you get A FREE SIGNED TAKAMINE GUITAR! (Suzi O pick included!) AND an organized, LIVE performance in your home for all of your friends and family!

*On an agreeable time & date! :) - Travel expenses not included*,

As well as personal weekly updates for the start-up of my media launch,

and backstage tickets for 3 shows of your choice at any given date.

-PLUS all other rewards in previous packages!

(U.S. friends - Shipping + Handling included)

(International friends - Please add $5 extra for S+H costs!)

Donate securely via PayPal
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